Adult Day Services:

           Denise Misovec: Email or 920.593.3576


             Brenda Jordan: Email or  920.593.3535

Brain Rehabilitation & Wellness:

             Jessica Drumm:  Email or 920.593.3562

Community Employment & Training:

                Betsy Kenneke: Email or 920.593.3536

Development and Media Relations:

              Mary Bouche: Email or 920.593.3510

Financial Services:

                Robin Van Remortel: Email or 920.593.3502

Home and Community Connections:

                 LaReina Tipping: Email or 920.593.3514

Human Resources:

                Kristine Piontek: Email or 920.593.3512

Nutrition Program:

                  Marie Smith at Email or 920.593.3564

Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

Kelly De Grant at Email or 920.593.3576

President: Curative Connections & ProSolutions

         Steve McCarthy: Email or 920.593.3500

Program Services:

                 Diana Brown: Email or 920.593.3599


              Eric Gerarden: Email or 920.593.3540

Senior Employment & Training:

             Deb Buckley at Email or 920.593.3556

Transportation Services:

              Tina Whetung: Email or 920.227.4272


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