Brain Rehabilitation & Wellness

Technology 65 400X300Our comprehensive Brain Rehabilitation & Wellness Program is a unique ‘out-patient’ day program for adults who have experienced a traumatic or an acquired brain injury, or other neurological impairment.

We believe a combination of structured programs and achievement of goal-driven milestones help clients adapt to their injury or impairment and reintegrate into the home, work, school, and community.

Our interdisciplinary team, which includes certified brain injury specialists, works closely with clients using a combination of group programs and activities that are individually tailored to meet the needs of each client to improve neurological functioning and increase independence.

Our program provides support for all types of traumatic, acquired and congenital brain injuries and other neurological impairments. Some examples include motor vehicle accidents, strokes, aneurisms, seizures, encephalopathy, cancer and diagnosis of Autism or Down Syndrome. Approximately 30 hours per week of unique group and individual activities are offered for clients to engage in structured classroom instruction, social activities, field trips, group discussions, and community volunteering.

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