Community Employment & Training Services

Our employment and training programs provide a variety of job preparation services including classroom and on-the-job training, skill development, and hands-on work experience to help participants prepare for community employment.

Employment & Training Services

Community Employment & Training Services

 We specialize in facilitating successful matches between employers and job candidates. We provide assistance in preparing individuals for successful employment in the community through a variety of services such as job shadowing for career exploration, resume building, interviewing skills, work skills training, job coaching, hands-on work experiences and connecting prospective employees and employers in the community. We are an approved vendor for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

 Community-Based Pre-Vocational Services

 We provide training, basic work and soft-skill building and on-the-job experience in preparation for community employment in an organizational setting. Training includes hands-on classroom learning, in-community training, and work-skills development designed to help people with disabilities or special employment needs achieve the skills necessary for successful transition to community employment.

 Custodial Employment

 We provide on-the-job training at Curative’s facility to help build the skills needed to work in the custodial or housekeeping fields in the community. The opportunity exists to earn a paycheck as skills are built.

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