Specialized Learning Programs

Memory 28 300X400Our specialized and structured classroom learning programs—Mind Movers, and Ready, Set Life!—are focused on promoting brain health for those experiencing signs of early memory loss, and building independent living skills.

Mind Movers - Mind Movers is a program specifically designed to enhance brain health for those who are experiencing signs of early memory loss. This classroom program sparks creativity and provides social interaction, cognitive exercises and physical activity all in a supportive atmosphere to promote brain health. Other features of this program include community outings and computer/iPad training.

This program is designed specifically for participants to work on brain health and as an outlet to talk about successes and challenges.

Ready, Set, Life! - The Ready, Set, Life! program is an interactive group experience designed to help build the skills needed for independence in both the home and community. Our compassionate and knowledgeable instructors work together to define a client’s goals and provide a variety of opportunities to learn—from hands-on learning to discussions.

Classes can provide assistance with a variety of skills which include, but are not limited to, socialization, coping, relationships, decision making, nutrition, meal preparation, money management, community transit, personal care, and more. Clients will learn from peers and the instructor in both community and classroom settings, all while building trusting friendships.

For more information about Mind Movers contact Kathy Crass at 920-593-3580 or referrals@CurativeConnections.org.

For more information about Ready, Set, Life! contact Brenda Jordan at 920-593-3535 or referrals@CurativeConnections.org.

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