Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gifts to encourage their employees’ support of nonprofits. Through matching gifts, it’s easy to increase your impact to Curative Connections.

Matching FAQ

How do I apply to match my gift?

Ask your HR representative if your employer matches employee gifts. If so, ask for your employer’s matching gift application. Most applications ask for your name, address and information about your gift. 

Where do I send my matching gift application?
Curative Connections
Attn: Matching Gifts
2900 Curry Lane
Green Bay, WI 54311


What happens after I send in my form?
Once we receive the form, we will verify your donation and send the application to your employer. Then they will make an additional gift on your behalf. We will inform you when the matching gift has been received.

Can I have my existing monthly donations matched?
Absolutely! While most employers ask you to submit your yearly total to match, please verify with your HR representative. At the end of January, we send our monthly donors an annual gift summary for tax purposes, which can also be helpful to submit for a match.

I’m retired. Can I apply for a matching gift?
Many employers offer retirees the opportunity to match gifts. Please ask your former employer’s HR representative.

Can my spouse also apply for a match to my gift?
Great idea! If your spouse’s employer also matches gifts, they might be able to apply for an additional match to your gift.

What if I donated recently but didn't apply for a matching gift at the time?
Many employers will still match your gift after it’s made. Ask your HR representative if a matching gift is still possible after the gift is made.

Is my employer’s match included in my donation record?
All matching gifts go into our general, unrestricted fund so we can use the funding where it’s needed most. If you gave $100 and your employer matched your gift with another $100, your record will only include your donation of $100.

Additional Questions
Please contact Director of Donor Engagement and Marketing Kari Moody at or 920-593-3510.