Curative Healthy Aging Virtual Services

It is well known that social isolation disproportionately affects older adults, many of whom often only have limited social contact out of the home. Those who do not have close family or friends and rely on the support of community services are at additional risk, along with those who are already lonely or isolated. This can result in caregivers looking for solutions that provide comfort, companionship and joy.

MONDAY | Brain Power Hour
Work your brain with directed cognitive stimulating activities, creative thinking and learning opportunities. This hour will help you exercise your mind and may include word games like BrainWaves or games to help you process information. 

TUESDAY | Physical & Mental Health
In this virtual hour together, members will participate in group movement of various styles, as well as explore topics that promote overall wellbeing- mental, emotional, and physical health. Some possible ways we will do this are Chair Yoga and journal exercises.  

WEDNESDAY | Collaboration & Community
This group is all about being reflective, purposeful and intentional in discovering ways to make connections to people in your current community and amongst various generations. Along the way, you just may inspire others to do the same. Some ideas for this kind of connection could be writing a letter or participate in the Selfie Project or virtual intergenerational opportunities. 

THURSDAY | Relish in Your Life
Let’s avoid the monotony of this time and delight in our surroundings, the simple pleasures and routines of life. In this group, we will discuss how to stay engaged and productive at home, as well as savor each moment with various hobbies, clubs, and opportunities for expression.

FRIDAY | Bon Voyage!
Are you a travel bug and enjoy learning about new cultures? Or, maybe you have adventure jitters? Either way, this group is for you! Let’s set off on a virtual journey together and explore all the world has to offer!

If you would like to participate in Healthy Aging Virtual Services but need equipment, Curative may be able to assist. 
Contact Brenda Jordan at (920) 468-1161 for more information.