Let's Work Program

Getting You Ready for Community Employment

Let’s Work! assists people with disabilities or special employment needs achieve skills needed for a successful transition to community employment. With a focus on hands-on classroom learning, community training and work skill development, our goal is to help people transition from the classroom to the community and into fulfilling employment. 

Stepping Stones to Career Success

Let’s Work! is designed to help members gain skills and progress through important steps of career exploration as they are ready. However, program components are robust enough to be taken on their own, depending on the needs of the member. Program areas include:  

Individualized Skills Training | Hands on classroom learning focused on various work topics including applying communication skills at work, appropriate social skills for the workplace, customer service skills and critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Volunteer Work Site Training | This training allows members to apply the skills learned in the classroom in a volunteer setting. Under supervision of a job coach, members are able to enhance their current skills while exploring interests in community employment. 

Paid Work Experiences | Supported by a job coach, members work alongside other members of the community in a real work setting. This opportunity not only provides a wage, but helps build hands on work experience skills. In addition, members gain confidence and feel more a part of the community they live in.  

Each member will have the support of a case manager who will develop goals as part of a person centered vocational plan. This plan will guide the member through their journey and completion of the program.

Take the Leap 

Start by giving us a call to discuss available options, eligibility and funding. Classroom training is held at Curative Connections’ main site on Curry Lane in Green Bay. Community employment sites vary, however, transportation assistance may be available. 

Brenda Jordan | (920) 593-3535 or 

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