ProSolutions and Quality Mail Marketing are mission partners with Curative Connections.  Working together, these organizations support Curative Connections’ mission of helping people achieve their goals for independence, ensuring every person receives the care and support they need.

ProSolutions provides professional contract productivity, manufacturing & packaging solutions. We provide our professional solution to your unique need.

We are wholly owned subsidiary of Curative Connections, a private not-for-profit rehabilitation provider in Northeastern Wisconsin. We help fund Curative Connections with our profits to help provide purpose and meaning to the lives of seniors and adults with disabilities, as well as much needed respite for caregivers.

In addition to helping fund the organization, we also provide employment and training opportunities for members of Curative Connections to help give them the work-related experience to get back into independent community employment. We have a highly skilled workforce which is blended with members of Curative Connections to help complete the many unique projects we do to make our customers' operation simpler and more efficient.