Graphic with the text "What is Yesteryear Village?"


Curative is proud to introduce Yesteryear Village, an innovative, cutting-edge and proactive approach to care. Yesteryear Village promises to be a leap forward in what is an emerging best practice for dementia services.

Each day, Curative Connections’ Dementia & Healthy Aging Services—featuring Day Programming, Memory Cafes, Assistive Technology Support and Early Memory Loss Programming—provides hundreds of individuals with meaningful days and provides caregivers with needed assistance. Given the demographic trends in Northeast Wisconsin, the demand for these services will continue to increase.
Graphic with the text “There are nearly 5,000 people 65+ living with dementia in Brown County. The number is expected to increase 105% by 2040.”

Graphic with the text “In Curative Connections’ Dementia & Healthy Aging services 1 in 14.5 members are under 65 years old and are diagnosed with some form of dementia, a 10% increase of this demographic.”

Yesteryear Village emphasizes safety and a sense of purpose through reminiscence and interactive experiences. That is why a large emphasis has been placed on creating an environment modeled by a participants’ younger years, when they were 18-30 years old.

Each space in Yesteryear Village has been designed specifically to invite self-direction, afford hands-on interactions, and provide purposeful activities that trigger positive memories, making programming and socialization less stressful and more engaging for those experiencing memory loss. Examples of the spaces participants will experience at Yesteryear Village include:
CafeAuto Garage
Train CarFour Season Room
Village SquareArts & Entertainment
Downtown Shoppes& More

Pete and Michelle Bilski sitting at a table.“As a caregiver for my late wife, I would not have been able to keep her at home as long as I did without Curative Connections. Curative provided engaging activities, an experienced staff, meals, and a safe environment for her while I continued to work, eliminating any concerns I may have had throughout the day.

The addition of Yesteryear Village will give a more complete dimension to the quality of care clients with memory loss receive. The project is designed to engage long-term memory, which can help improve the quality of life and care for a member with dementia. I believe that Yesteryear Village will become a recognized destination within our community.”

- Pete Bilski
Caregiver Advocate and
Yesteryear Village Planning Committee Member